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We are experts in managing the transfer of premises in Barcelona

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a hospitality professional looking for a business to invest in, the transfer of premises in Barcelona involves long and tedious procedures, legal and juridical advice, etc.

In INMO OLAYA we have an expert team of professionals that offers a comprehensive service that solves, in the shortest possible time, all issues related to the purchase, sale or transfer of businesses in Barcelona, Tarrasa, Palma de Mallorca, Badalona, Hospitalet, Sabadell, …

With our comprehensive service in the transfer of premises in Barcelona you will save time and effort

INMO OLAYA es un referente en el sector inmobiliario especializado en negocios de hostelería. Con nuestra excelente gestión ahorrarás tiempo en la búsqueda de locales y recibirás el asesoramiento jurídico y legal necesario en el proceso de compra, alquiler o traspaso de restaurantes, bares, cafeterías, heladerías, pubs y discotecas, naves industriales, locales comerciales, peluquerías, centros de estética, panaderías, hoteles y hostales, etc. Entre los servicios más demandados por nuestros clientes, destacamos:

Market reports

Socio-economic and population study by neighborhoods indicating the distribution and density of businesses

Opening license for stores and restaurants in Barcelona

Project design and management for obtaining the necessary municipal licenses

Renovations and refurbishment

Our team of professionals (architects, builders ...) will carry out the renovation of your premises

Non-payment of rents

As partners of SEAG, we guarantee the collection of rent, legal defense and repair damages due to vandalism

360º Virtual Tour

Don't waste time visiting businesses in person. With our virtual tour you will visit from your office or home

Real estate acquisition

Our leadership in the transfer of bars in Barcelona, facilitates the acquisition of real estate and hospitality businesses.